NACHHALL is a programme line of the festival KLANGBADHALL that derives from the cultural heritage and understanding of the city of Bad Hall in much the same way as the city’s musical theatre.  Musical theatre in Bad Hall has evolved with an eye to the city’s cultural heritage by focusing on musical entertainment theatre, a focus which currently involves cultivating the historic operetta genre.

Bad Hall is the hometown of national and international artists and musicians who, although they are of varying prominence, are certainly all renowned. Several Bad Hall born and bred musicians have already become successful artists, a fact that is frequently known only to their local families and friends. ‘And this is a pity!’ states Klaus Wieser, the ‘spiritus rector’ of the project. Musicians initially coming from Bad Hall work in fields like electronic music, pop, contemporary folk music ‘ohne Schunkelfaktor’ (without the ‘swaying factor’), modern song writing, indie, blues, rock and metal.

The Festival KLANGBADHALL intends to make them seen and heard and to give them the opportunity to perform in their hometown, as they have already performed on stages Austria-wide. They are invited NACHHALL to play ‘home games’, as Mr Wieser comments.

Additionally, NACHHALL will invite more artists to Bad Hall—artists who are interesting and well-known, who are less known, but still interesting, or who are unexpected or long wished for. There are a number of artists who the Festival KLANGBADHALL looks forward to presenting. Among them is Wilfried Scheutz, who will be performing with his band. With an impressive biography, he is one of the most influential personalities in Austrian music. The fact that he has been in the music business for so long has not prevented him from developing a new CD, and one that will be surprising considering his past musical style. KLANGBADHALL is going to present this new album.

‘May this series of events be so successful that it echoes back’, Klaus Wieser adds.

Ernst Theis/Klaus Wieser