After some years of change, the Upper Austrian formation A BASEMENT IN BLOOM finally created their band name and also found their electronic-acoustic base, ‘Indietronica’. Their unique soundscape, which is also reflected in their abstract texts, emerges from the combination of polyphonic part-singing, electric guitar, cello, bass, synth-sounds and plain electronics.

With ‘stockpiled, handfed and childish architectures’ *a basement in bloom released their debut EP on August 3rd 2014. At the end of their career as a band, the formation is releasing their farewell album ‘in order of appearance’ in spring 2017. Thus, for their last concert they are returning to their home town to close down their project where it once started.

Also their long-standing friendship with the band Hearts Hearts, with who they not only shared their creative inspirations, but also their drummer Johannes Mandorfer, turns this joint concert into a very special experience.