David Österle


I was introduced to music at a very early age. For many years, I played the flute, and I also played it in a brass band. From today’s perspective, this also seems decisive because these years planted in me the desire to find my individual musical style, to produce sounds outside musical norms. The members of Hearts Hearts share this desire.

In order to work on our first album, we isolated ourselves in an abbey near Bad Hall. I enjoy remembering making music together, growing together with my band members, most of all, the wonderful encounters with the local families of our band members. I very much look forward to visiting this place again on the occasion of our gig at Stadttheater Bad Hall.  

Current role

Vocals & Keyboard - Hearts Hearts

Hearts Hearts

Opening band: A BASEMENT IN BLOOM ⎮ Start Time : 19:30


The story of Hearts Hearts began in Vienna in 2010, when David Österle and Daniel Hämmerle started making music in the classical...